Best Online Sportsbooks For USA Players

Sports betting is something that is difficult to come by outside of Las Vegas, which is why the sportsbooks for USA players have become as wide spread as they are. Online sports betting has opened enormous possibilities to lucky bettors, intuitive handicappers, and those looking to make some cash through betting on sports. There is a large number of online sportsbooks out there, but not all of them accept residents of the United States. When the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006, the number of these bookies slimmed even further. Despite this we have found a solid number of online sportsbooks, and each one of them offers a long list of betting lines.

Online sportsbooks operate just like a Las Vegas based sportsbook. They have opened up the books to let players wager on sports in an easy to use interface. Through most of the sportsbooks, all of the betting lines are listed in an easy to read chart, and you will be able to explore all of the options in sports betting through these charts. Whether you want to place one bet or many, you will be able to do so.

Popular Sports To Wager On

First and foremost you will need to know that there are a wide range of sports covered by all of the online sportsbooks that accept US players that we list here at Primarily you will see that there are the four major professional sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL but there are other professional leagues such as the MLS, etc. College sports are also available for wagering but they tend to only be available for the bigger sports such as college football and college basketball, as well as baseball + hockey when those sports are in their postseason.

Individual sports have also been covered by each of the major sportsbooks accepting USA players. Of these sports, the PGA (golf) is one of the most popular that users commonly place wagers on each week. Beyond that, racing sports such as NASCAR and the occasional Formula 1 race are available as are odds for horse racing but betting on horses are usually better covered in the racebooks. Fighting sports are also available through all sports betting sites listed on our website including UFC events and other lesser-known mixed martial arts leagues, and definitely don't forget about boxing either.

Other types of betting options include major poker tournaments, entertainment betting, political betting, and all sorts of proposition bets. In fact, after 10+ years in the industry we still things that surprise us!

Sportsbooks for USA Players
Best USA Online Sportsbooks

Often times, online sportsbooks accepting deposits from USA players will include options beyond just their sports betting. Many of the USA players sportsbooks also offer casinos and poker rooms. These casinos and poker rooms, despite being branches of the sports betting sites, are fully functional and stand alone sections of the bookies. They have their own bonuses, their own downloaded clients, and their own rules. You will find that all of your gambling can take place in one convenient location.

50% To $250 Bonus For US Players
Best Sportsbook Payouts: Bitcoin
Payout Time: 2-6 Hours
USA Players Accepted? YES - EXCEPT: DE, MD, NJ, NV

Bovada is a gambling brand that has been around for almost two decades. Their sportsbook is one of the most comprehensive on the Internet. Drawing their odds form expert handicappers, Bovada remains one of the most legitimate of all online sportsbooks. Their 50% to $250 match bonus stands to be one of the largest to ever sweep the Internet. Bovada accepts multiple deposit methods including cards with the Visa logo + cash through wire transfer services like Western Union or MoneyGram. Rarely do their credit card deposits fail but it is good to know there are backup options should they be needed.

  • Fast Payouts
  • Most-Trusted
  • $100 Referals
50% welcome bonus up to $250
Unlimited Bonuses: 50% To $1K Each Deposit
Best Payouts for USA Players: Bitcoin
Payout Time: 2-6 Hours
USA Players Accepted? YES

BetOnline is one of the leading USA players sportsbooks. They have grown into one of the largest books on the Internet, providing pay outs and betting odds better than nearly any other sportsbook - online or otherwise. BetOnline covers every sport, every betting type, and events beyond just sports. A 25% sportsbook bonus to $1,000 is on the table, which can give you some breathing room if you are just starting off. BetOnline accepts VISA, MasterCard, prepaid credit cards, and other deposit methods to fund accounts plus it adheres to most sports betting laws in the United States.

  • Safe-Secure
  • Innovative Props
  • $100 Referals
100% with Bonus Code NEWBOL
50% Match Up To $1K On Every Deposit
Best Payouts for USA Players: Bitcoin
Payout Time: 30-60 Minutes
USA Players Accepted? YES used to be, but they have recently changed their domain to help protect themselves from any issues with the U.S. government. This is one of the oldest and most trusted online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players. With more then 10 years online, they know exactly what it takes to run a good sports betting site. All players that sign up will get a 25% sportsbook bonus on every deposit they make that is good for up to $1,000 on each deposit. All in all, it is hard to find a much better online sportsbook that accepts USA players. We highly reccommend for all US residents.

  • US-Trusted
  • Live Betting
  • $100 Referals
50% to $1k w/code NEW1000
Top Sportsbooks for USA Players
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  • US?
Betting Types at USA Sportsbooks

A wide range of betting types have been tied into each of the sportsbooks that welcome U.S. players we've listed here. Almost every betting line can be accompanied by a diverse series of wagering types which can really change how the bet is won as well as how much can be won from a single unit.

The most common way to wager is by making a straight wager. Spread betting is also there. If you like to play the spread, then you will like these lines. Total score betting lines can also be found. You will have to bet on where you think the total score will be - over or under the predetermined amount.

Parlay bets have been established in order to offer players a chance to win big if they can make consistent wagers. Pleasers and teasers are also available, as are other exotic bet types that can be utilized to make some extra cash with a bit of luck.

Getting Started At USA Sportsbooks

Once you start trying to explore the online betting sites that accept Americans, you should be aware of the fact that funding accounts can be somewhat difficult thanks to questionable laws like the UIGEA and others. As a result, users may need to weight multiple options including these listed below:

The deposit options include credit cards and banking options, such as wire transfers, but electronic wallets, e-wallets for short, are also available. E-wallets are like PayPal, which you are likely familiar with. Each deposit method functions differently, most of them apply payments instantly, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

While you will primarily be using credit cards, most likely, you should know that credit cards do not always work when trying to make a deposit. With all of the deposit methods available, finding one that works for you should never prove difficult through any of the sportsbooks for USA players.

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe + Legal

All of sportsbooks recommended on operate safely and legally, and all of those listed here have a great track record of doing business without the risk of being scammed. Even if you live in Vegas, using these sportsbooks can be safer as there is no transportation of money to take place in person. Furthermore, since most sportsbooks outside of Vegas and the Internet are operated by criminals, these can be very dangerous. Without a doubt, using sports gambling sites are more safe than any land based bookie could ever be - especially if you stick to the ones we suggest.

The most important thing that sports bettor can do is to make sure that they are betting at a legal online sportsbook that accepts USA players. With more then 200 sportsbooks available, this is much harder than it seems. Although the actual operation of an online sportsbook is illegal in the USA, simply betting on sports is perfectly legal and there are millions of Americans that bet on sports every week. The laws that are in place regarding sports betting are all about how funds are transferred and the only hard part is getting your money into your sportsbook account. The player does not actually need to worry about anything and should not be worried when betting on sports.