Legal Sports Betting Sites For USA Players

SportsBetting Betting SiteSports betting in the United States is certainly no stranger to strict rules and regulations surrounding it. That goes for online sportsbooks in the U.S. as well. In fact, an online sportsbook operating inside the United States is not legal. However, if you are someone living in the U.S. wanting to bet sports legally online, there are ways in which that can be done. These options are not obscure nor shady either. There are online sportsbooks all over the world operating outside of the U.S. that accept USA players. And what's more is that these sites field wagers on all of the sports in the United States.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The United States?

That is a loaded question and one that has a very tricky answer. Without beating around the bush, online sports betting is not an activity that is condoned by either the Federal or state governments. Before you get scared and click out of this page A.S.A.P., know that you are likely to never get into any trouble for putting a few bucks down on a wager. That is because the laws that are actually on the books do nothing to inhibit players in the U.S. from betting online therefore there are several sportsbooks that accept USA players and none of them will ever disclose your information making it completely safe to wager online. - read more

Sportsbooks That Are Legal For USA Players

Whether or not these sportsbooks are "legal" for players in the U.S., know that it is safe to wager here. Each of these online sportsbooks for USA players welcome residents as long as they are at least 18 years old and can legally own the deposit methods accepted there. And with our experience, you can rest assured that you are playing with reputable books that aren't going to disappear into thin air.

Sportsbooks for USA Players
One Of The Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For US Players
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If you are a USA player looking for an online betting site that is legal, and a bonus is important to you, check out BetOnline. There might not be a better sportsbook bonus out there. How does a lifetime bonus sound on every deposit? Get up to $1,000 on every deposit at BetOnline. USA players can deposit into BetOnline using a Visa card, American Express, money order, or a cashier's check.

The signup process at BetOnline is very simple and takes just a few minutes, as it does to deposit. From there, get you sportsbook bonus and put it towards one or several of thousands of betting lines offered.

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If you want to join up with the most storied and longest lasting legal online sportsbook in the entire US, you’ll want to take a long look at Bovada. Available to residents of 47 states, (sorry New Jersey and Maryland residents!) this US sports betting site continues to set a bar higher and higher.Since they have been legally functioning and serving US residents for over 20 years, you can rest assured that Bovada is a safe bet when it comes to discretion, legitimacy, and most of all, safety for its users.Bovada goes to painstaking lengths to ensure they are in compliance with federal sports betting laws, and their attention to detail serves them well.

The best part?You can enjoy Bovada anywhere! With their cutting-edge mobile app, your sportsbooks can hang out with you wherever you go, and you can access it from anywhere in the world you get a phone signal.Stuck in a waiting room or on the subway?No worries, now every spare moment can be spent scoring your next big win via your trusted online sportsbook.

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Another perfectly legal sports betting site for US players in the aptly named SportsBetting. The best mark of a legal sportsbook is when you can progress, click through and get caught up in the rabbit hole of the sportsbook itself without having to spare a second concern as to whether or not your activity is legal, after all, how could a criminal empire have access to technology that looks this good? From the good folks over at, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Still don’t believe us about the high quality of the website? What if they offer you a whole bunch of free money? With this legal wagering site, when you make a deposit you will find that not only did your money make it into your account safe and sound, but that an additional 25% of your deposit, all the way up to $1000 was added in the form a bonus money to use anywhere in the sportsbook. Best of all? This is not a mere signup bonus – SportsBetting members collect this bonus for life. Somebody pinch us!

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Top Sportsbooks for USA Players
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USA Sports Wagering Laws

There are some laws to be aware of when it comes to betting on sports in the United States, and the reasons behind the practice currently being outlawed in most parts. Certainly there are some exceptions, with Las Vegas most notably coming to mind. But as far as the online world, there are a number of legal sportsbooks for USA players.

Below are the three laws in the United States about sports betting but you also need to be sure to check that you meet the age requirement to bet within your state because that can often be the determining factor as to whether or not you are allowed to sign up for an account with certain online sports gambling websites.

UIGEA Of 2006 - The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act covers all three types of online gambling in the U.S, including casinos, poker, and sports betting. It prohibits businesses from knowingly accepting payments for bets being made, or paying a bet out - this law directly affects the sportsbook deposit methods that work for USA players in that credit/debit cards will not always work.

Federal Wire Act - The Federal Wire Act dates back to 1961. More relevant to today however, is that a 2011 ruling stated that the Wire Act pertains only to sports betting. It does not allow for any form of wire communication to be used by businesses to receive a wager.

PAPSA - Established in 1992, the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act was implemented at the federal level and defined sports betting in the U.S. It then went on to place a ban on it, outside of the few states that were grandfathered in with a history of at least a 10-year licensed sportsbook if they applied for that status.

State Laws Regarding Legal Sports Betting

Although these online sportsbooks are well outside of federal jurisdiction and most accept all US residents, there are a few more complications involved. While most states follow the federal template of only attacking the facilitation of illicit betting and not the bettor themselves, (and even fewer states have laws specifically related to online sports betting,) there are always exceptions that prove the rule.

For this reason, it is always wise to consult the individual laws of your home state. While we can tell you that no residents have ever been arrested for using these sportsbooks and that they operate very safely and discretely, we cannot offer full guarantees that they are 100% legal in your home state. Knowledge is power, so please read up and determine what sort of risk you are willing to take.

Most US residents won’t face any sort of penalties for using these sportsbooks, so by all means, enjoy yourself!

States with Legal Sports Betting

Fortunately for all interested bettors in the US, residents of all 50 states will have access to most of these sites, but residents of one lucky state will even be able to bet on sports in person. That’s right – if you’re lucky enough to live in Nevada, you’ll have the ability to walk into the corner store and place a bet on your favorite team. However, despite the fact that Delaware technically sanctions sports betting, (the Delaware lottery allows residents to bet on one pre-determined parlay per week via the state lottery,) if you don’t live in Nevada, you’re probably an expensive plane ticket away from betting on sports on land. Or, of course, a simple log in and sign up process via nay of the legal US sports betting sites listed on this page.

Legal Sports Betting Age In The United States

While it’s unlikely that most any US residents who are of age will face any legal trouble for using these sportsbooks, there is one key exception: those who choose to bet before they are of legal age to do so. While most online sportsbooks will accept any players who are over 18, it is recommended that each individual consult their state laws for their legal betting age.

Those who bet underage, even if their sportsbook allows them to sign up, could face steep penalties from their home state including huge fines and even jail time. In the case of a bust for underage betting, all funds associated with the offender’s account will be seized, making the entire sports betting exercise a complete waste of time for the offender in question.

Regulation of Legal USA Online Sportsbooks

A natural question that one could have after reading about how federal laws will crack down on those who facilitate sports betting even if they do not crack down on the players is how exactly these sportsbooks are able to operate legally. The answer is one of location, since these legal US sports betting sites have been established and are operated offshore, they are not under the jurisdiction of the US government and may therefore operate legally.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are not regulated, as an unregulated online sportsbook would be an incredibly unsafe investment. These sportsbooks are not only held to the high legal standard of their native countries, but by the high standards of the international gaming commissions that certify them.