Bovada Sportsbook Review

When it comes to sportsbooks for players from the United States, it really doesn't get much better than Bovada. For one, they specifically cater to the demands and needs of U.S bettors that want to wager on sports. While some federal laws in the United States do not allow for companies to operate on U.S soil, Bovada steps in to fill the void while being based in nearby Canada. In fact, despite their foreign location, Bovada initially began as an American company and maintains its standards to this very day. And they do it very well, having one of the top reputations in the online gambling industry by providing a quality product, great customer service and a variety of betting options available throughout the year. will discuss on this page what can be expected when visiting and wagering at Bovada, so feel free to scroll down on the page and discover for yourself why we believe Bovada to be the finest online sportsbook in the industry.

Sportsbooks for USA Players
Does Bovada Accept USA Players?

Absolutely. In fact, players from the United States are the main focus of Bovada’s sportsbook as this site was designed for domestic use on local sports while they began right here at home as ‘Bodog’. This USA friendly sportsbook forms betting odds for all American sports as well as offering a safe platform which local residents can take advantage of from the comfort of their own homes. Nearly every state is accepted and welcome to place wagers at Bovada as they are exempted from federal sports betting laws due to their location in the Great White North.

But, Is It Legal For Americans To Bet At Bovada?

While there are many federal laws in place all across the nation which impact gambling, these laws only outlaw the business of gambling facilitating bets for profit. They do nothing to prevent someone from the simple act of placing a bet. Since Bovada isn't located in the United States, they are not bound to U.S. legislation which prevents operating a sports betting business. Since American bettors are legally allowed to place bets with this legal online sportsbook, they are perfect within the realm of law to use their services.

While it is entirely legal on the federal level to place bets online with a service based outside of the United States, there are a few individual states which may have passed their own regulations that may hinder you when you're ready to sign up at Bovada. The good news is that this online sportsbook will let you know if your state will allow you to wager with them during the signup process. Currently, we are aware that 45 out of 50 states are free to place their bets online at

Bovada Banned States:Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada,

Signing Up With Bovada

Thankfully, there are few thing in life easier than starting up your Bovada account. Simply find the link to sign up and fill out some very basic information. After a quick email confirmation, you’ll be able to make your first deposit and start betting instantly. You may even get a special welcome call from your new sportsbook!

Bovada Sportsbook Deposits

Funding your online sports betting account at Bovada is as easy as 1-2-3 thanks to the plethora of sportsbook deposit methods accepted here. They accept major credit cards like VISA as well as debit cards branded by the credit giant. But, there are other options that include wire transfers such as Western Union and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Prepaid cards are also a good option to use to deposit - Bovada makes sure that they offer several methods so as to make it easy on the customer trying to deposit.

All of these methods are tested, secure, and super convenient, ensuring that the most difficult decisions to make in the Bovada Sportsbook will be related to the bets – not your account.

Bovada USA Deposit Methods Deposit Limits
Bitcoin Minimum: $20
Visa Credit, Debit, + Prepaid Cards Minimum: $20, Max: $475 for new players - higher limits on request
Western Union - Cash Transfer Minimum: $100, Maximum: $5,000
MoneyGram - Cash Transfer Minimum: $100, Maximum: $900
Bovada Sportsbook Bonuses

Bovada is currently boasting one of the finest deposit bonuses in the land which is good for a 50% increase to any new member’s initial deposit worth up to $250. This allows for a lot of free wagers to place across their vast network of betting options right out of the gate with absolutely no risk.

This online sportsbook also hosts a whole slew of revolving promotions and special offers which are often displayed on the homepage throughout the course of a season ranging across many different sports and events. Whether it is baseball season, March Madness or the start of the College Football Playoffs, users may rest assured knowing that Bovada's sports betting bonuses always keeps the action hot even during the coldest months of the year.

Bonuses At Bovada Sportsbook USA Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses
New Player First Deposit Bonus As Much As $500 Via 50% Match Bonus
Bonus Wagering Requirements

Now, there are also some requirements a player must adhere to when it comes to accepting the bonus offered by Bovada's online sportsbook. The 50 percent up to $250 requires a 3X rollover. That means three times the bonus received must be wagered before the payout is available to be withdrawn.

Bovada Sportsbook Withdrawals

Payouts can take place in a few different forms at Bovada, each getting to the player fast and efficiently. All of the available payouts at Bovada can actually be used by players from the U.S., which is not always seen even when a sportsbook does accept Americans.


Bovada can send a check out to the address that appears on the player's account. This method can take anywhere from one to three weeks to be received. A check is quite common because a Visa deposit is most-often used.

Western Union

Withdraw your money via Western Union and in some cases get it within that same day. A withdrawal can go up to $800 with Western Union. Fees can come along with a withdrawal, going up with the more that is being taken out.


A MoneyGram at Bovada is under the same category as Western Union, classified as a rapid transfer. This payout can take 12-36 hours to go from the sportsbook account to the possession of the bettor.

Bank Wire

A bank wire follows a similar path as a wire transfer, but because of the fact it’s produced in a batch form it takes about 10 days to process, versus the 12-36 hours period. The nice thing about a bank wire though is that the maximum is high.

What's The Fastest Bovada Payout?

The Western Union transfer is the way to go for pure speed at Bovada. In general, USA sportsbook withdrawal methods like these take less than a day to receive your payout, with two days at most.

Sports To Bet On At Bovada

There is a full stock of sports that are offered at Bovada to place bets on. Each and every major professional and collegiate American sport such as NFL, college football, NBA, soccer, PGA Tour, MLB, college basketball, tennis, and many more are all available. Within each sports, members will find leagues, divisions, teams and players along with sets of game lines, proposition betting odds and futures when you bet sports online at Bovada. Whichever sport you are looking to bet on, especially from the United States, you will be able to find a betting line on it and place a stake at winning serious amounts of cash.

Bovada Sportsbook Betting Types

The online sportsbook at Bovada covers every sport, league, team and player under the Sun whether it be right here in the United States or lesser known international sports across the globe.

Members are able to wager on exciting team or player props such as who will score first in a given game or if a star player will score a certain amount of points by the game’s end. Users at Bovada will also have access to exciting futures bets well before the event ever takes place such as who will be the winner of next year’s Super Bowl.

Users will find that they are able to bet on classic fractional odds, moneylines and even spreads on any event they wish to bet on. Whether it team sports, boxing, tennis or horse racing, this online sportsbook is open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week no matter what it is you may be looking for.

Wager Types Available From Bovada Bovada Minimum Bet
Props, Futures, Exotics, Straight Wagers, Parlays, Pleasers, Teasers, If Bets, Reverse Bets, Spread, Moneyline, Totals & Much More... Depends On Wager Type
Other Ways To Wager at Bovada
Bovada Live Sports Betting

Bovada has one of the most dynamic interfaces when it comes to live betting in the entire online sportsbook industry across the web. Members are able to watch games as they unfold right before their eyes and place bets on props that pop up during the game. This online sportsbook details all of the day’s ongoing games in a given moment as well as the ones on the schedule for the rest of that day. Bettors can click in and out of different games to see the available betting odds in real time as the action is taking place. No sport, no league, no team, no player and no event is left uncovered by Bovada’s constantly updated lines and odds, no matter the hour of the day or night.

Mobile Sports Betting At Bovada

The mobile platform to bet sports at Bovada is one of the many features which sets this online sportsbook apart from the rest. Users are able to access their accounts, make changes to their settings, make deposits or even request payouts all from the palm of their hand. Every aspect of the sportsbook is available from any smart phone or wi-fi enabled device which means that bettors never have to miss out on a winning wager no matter where they are. Combining Bovada’s stunning mobile app along with their live betting lines adds a whole new level to the game as users can stand in a stadium in person right before the very players that they are betting on for a serious edge in making a smart bet.

Mobile betting is made simple and easy while at Bovada and members will never miss out on a chance to earn big profits all because they were not in front of a computer when they needed it most. provides their mobile service completely free of charge and getting the program on your phone is as simple as just visiting the site from your smart phone or tablet.

Bovada Customer Support

Bovada offer numerous contact options for players looking for help and support. Contact them directly by way of phone toll free at 800-263-0000. Bovada also offers an email address to each and every department of their sportsbook so that you know you will be getting specific assistance whether it be for payouts and deposits or how to fill out an exotic bet slip while betting on the ponies. The general help email address at is ‘’ and members can expect a prompt reply within moments as this networks has the best customer support in the business.

If phone calls and emails are not the preferred method of contact, there is also an online contact form that can be filled out right on the website. After filling out the contact information and a personal message with your questions or concerns, you will be contacted within twenty four hours on whatever you need assistance with. While this online sportsbook offers a wide range of customer support options, one will rarely find themselves in the position to contact Bovada Sportsbook unless to simply pay them a compliment.

Customer Service Contact Info For Bovada Customer Support
Toll Free Phone 800-263-0000
Bovada Live Chat Available On Site
Bovada Email Support
Why You Should Choose Bovada's Online Sportsbook

Bovada is the titan of industry when it comes to legal sports betting in the US – and they got there for a reason. The ease of use of the sportsbook as well as the speedy as secure cashiers are what help this giant hang onto all their loyal customers and attract thousands more every day, which is to say nothing for their stellar customer service department. Overall this is one of the best sportsbooks for USA players that you will find.