Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods For USA Players

Bovada Sports Betting SiteIf you are a bettor playing at an online sportsbook, we can pretty much assume you aren't doing it to lose money. In fact, we can even further assume that you are actively trying to win your bet(s) to make a nice profit. And when a player wins at an online sportsbook and opts to cash out, it is a very important process to be aware of when at a site. Online sportsbooks have very specific methods and processes in which they choose to pay a player out.

Below, find out the different ways that as USA players, you can get paid out from the online sportsbooks that you are signed up. Different sites will offer players different ways, and it very well could be that the methods offered by a specific sportsbook could be what is best for you. The best sportsbooks for USA players will have the available payout options on their site in their banking or cashier sections, as well as the process that needs to occur before the payout is received. There is a form to fill out typically, as well as a waiting period depending on which method is selected. Also, various fees could be associated with a withdrawal.

American Sports Betting Payout Options

Check – As the most popular and simple form of receiving a payout from an offshore sportsbook, a check in the mail is offered at just about every online sportsbook for USA players as a payout method. It's easy to request, it usually processed with a minimum of fuss and usually takes anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks to receive. The best part about receiving your payout in the form of a check is the ability to simply press a button and relax, as nothing else will be required.

Wire Transfer – Via a service like Western Union or MoneyGram, players will be able to receive their payouts in a much speedier manner than waiting on a check in the mail, and they can walk back in their front door with cash in their front pocket. To request a payout via wire transfer, you must contact your sportsbook directly to establish a connection to the wire service. After this, you should be mere moments away from counting your winnings between your fingers.

eWallet – For eWallet users, if their online sportsbook offers their eWallet as a method to deposit, chances are it will offer the same one as a payout method to make it easy on the player. This method can add the extra layer of security provided by the eWallet service itself, and since the money is staying online, can often be processed very speedily. The downside? It can sometimes be difficult to convert money in an eWallet into cash in your actual wallet.

Other – Some users like to use methods other than the ones listed above. You will find that some sportsbooks will allow you to process payouts via prepaid gift cards, BitCoin, or even a wire connected from the sportsbook directly into your bank account. Always check with the cashier page on your favorite sportsbook to determine which the best payout method is for you.

Sportsbooks for USA Players
Why Credit Card Withdrawals Are Not Allowed

Unfortunately, due to federal law regarding EFT’s (Electronic Fund Transfers) online sportsbooks are unable to process payouts directly to your credit card, even if you used that very same card to make a deposit in the first place. Although this is certainly an inconvenience, you will find that your sportsbook will take every step possible to ensure that it is a minor one as several different options for receiving a payout will be made available.

Sportsbook Withdrawals Fees

As anyone who has done extensive traveling can tell you, fees are a fact of life when we’re dealing with overseas transactions, and unfortunately payouts from online sportsbooks are no exceptions to this rule. Part of the reason a paper check is such a popular payout method is that the fees are the absolute, bar none lowest from all payout methods, making it worth the wait for most players who are regular sports bettors. In general, the speedier and more convenient the payout method, the higher the fee must be. Bear in mind also that when you use third party wire services like Western Union, you are not only susceptible to fees from your sportsbook, but to the third party.

You may rest assured however that all the recommended US sports betting sites recognize how inconvenient these fees are, and are constantly working to not only keep these fees as low as they are, but to lower them further and even offer periodic free payouts. Check with your cashier for more details.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Limits

Anyone who has attempted to send money overseas will tell you that it’s simply not worth doing over peanuts, and that it’s not possible to do with fortunes – the dollar amount must be in a perfect, happy medium. While most of the popular withdrawal methods endorsed by legal online sportsbooks will have a wide margin through which players can work, there are specific methods set up for those who prefer to bet and wager in large amounts and vice versa. Always check with your cashier for details.

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Bovada Sportsbook is one of the highest rated online sportsbooks that USA players can sign up and visit. Bovada operates out of Costa Rica, which means that payouts are usually pretty quick because it is in close proximity to the United States, especially for checks in the mail. Aside from checks in the mail, Bovada offers players in the U.S. the option of a check through the mail to receive a payout. It can take up to a couple of weeks, but the requesting process is very quick and easy. Complete details about the withdrawal process can be found on site at Bovada

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No other online sportsbook offers as many options for payouts with lower fees and more generous limits. Whether you need cash in hand immediately or you want to wait a few days for a check in the mail, you may rest assured that you will be counting you winnings from your wise betting conquests in a mere matter of days. BetOnline because you can – and because no sportsbook pays out better!

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More Info About Withdrawal Methods For USA Sports Betting

The day you get a payment from an online sportsbook on your winnings is certainly a great day. Online sportsbooks continue to try and improve on the time it takes for a player to get their winnings, as they want to ensure that the entire online sportsbook process was satisfactory. USA players are sometimes limited in what options they can choose, so it's important to do a bit of research before committing to a sportsbook to find out what's best for you.